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DIY Bicycle Camper Trailer

A funny trend has emerged during the last two years. Many cyclists faced problems finding an open campsite on their tour. Some fulfilled a long cherished dream and quickly built a DIY bicycle camper themselve.

Videos about building instructions and channels on the subject shot up like mushrooms. One popular channel even operates internationally. The operator of an adventure farm recognized the trend, which is very appealing to families with children. Within the rapidly growing community of DIY bike camper nerds, he organized the world's first bicycle caravan meeting.

First Bicycle Camper Meeting worldwide

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bike camper / Fahrradwohnwagen / FAWO

We have a category for bike camper now. Select the activity Bike Camper or search for "FAWO". We provide you with nice camp sites.
Try this place as an example:
FAWO Spreeufer c-base Biergarten
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